Propaganda for PólisArt Magazine

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Styling: Bernadett Kovács -Forgeron Studio
Make-up: Detti Pető
Model: Lilla D –Visage Models
Cover Graphics: Marcell Puskás -PUSKAAS
Headdres: Valentin Szarvas
Bra: Fanny Nagy
T-shirt: Forgeron



The word propaganda originated from the latin propagare, which means: “distribute”. The aim of the
propaganda is to spread certain opinions, to influence the opinion of the recivers and convince them.
In fact, we are constantly exposed to this, and in the times of elections even more. The cities, villages
and smaller places will be/ already are full of campaign posters.

Our editoration and image video’s starting point is the semester exam catalogue of Valentin Szarvas,
what was designed and made on the cloth design, and pressed material specification of the BA
education. We think, the cloth of Valentin has it’s actual content, what was worthy to process. The
thoughts from the propaganda by Valentin himself:
“Today, when we are living in a political system what can be just mocked as a democracy, and most
of the people knows the freedom of speech from distance, the man can asks himself that how far can
go one with the expression of an opinion.”
We can call this fairly a visual violence, what we are an everyday victim of. This type of violence has
been shown with the string opened eyes, what is a refering for it is time to open your eyes, or the
mouth closed by neon hand, what don’t need an explanation. We tried to intensify the visual and
content relations with grotesque solutions, like the working cloth inspired overall combined with the
elegant white shirt. The cover photo of the editoral was designed by Marcell Puskás from two official
fonts of Hungary. The serif font is used by the government, the sans serif is a font what one can see
on the Soros posters.