Cat Soul editorial for PAPERONFIRE magazine

The project was inspired by the Dutch genre painting style. The photos appear as paintings. The photographer was Boglár Peruzzi, while Angelika Havettova and Ágnes Schmíz were responsible for the styling, and hair and the makeup respectively. The model was, Emese from Visage Models. Her beauty expressed the feeling of classic tenderness. The black turtleneck sweater and the red necklace was prepared by the stylist herself. The great Headdress was designed by Naiica.

In Boglár Peruzzi’s photos, the models are often represented as they were sculptures or paintings, and they are often idealized. As a symbol, the cat is the centrepiece of femininity as a modern allegory. The Egyptian Bastet, the cat goddess is also the embodiment of fertility and in the modern world as a lunar phenomenon, it appears as a feminine extension under harmony and fineness. The photos reflect intimacy, and the embodiment of the female myth.

PHOTO Boglar Peruzzi STYLING and HAIR Angelika Havettova MAKE UP Ágnes Schmíz/ The Makeup Lab MODEL Emese/ Visage Models CLOTHES Reserved, H&M, Zara, ACCESSORIES Naiica, Gucci, Calzedonia, Public Desire, Mango