Boglár Peruzzi was born in Budapest, Hungary. She started her career in the fine arts field as a sculptor. She attended photography courses at the University of Pécs, Faculty of Music and Visual Arts. She is experimenting with multiple styles and genres, but best in fashion photography.

She has been working as a fashion photographer since 2012. Recently, she has released multiple campaigns and editorials. Her works have been published in magazines like OBVIOUS, XO and Salt & Vinegar Magazine.

Work experience

Echo residence program – Urban Industrial Heritage 2023

Adél Baranovics diploma collection 2023 (Metu)

Eszter Béla Design Studio campaign 2023

VIZIÓ model agency – Test photography

Seers of Light – Band

Nise Design – Flóra campaign, lookbook 2022

Cifra design campaign, lookbook 2022 AW

VIZIÓ model agency – Test photography

Plant Conscience editorial Féorce magazine

VIZIÓ model agency – Test photography

Art Silk collection 2019

Cat Soul edits PAPERONFIRE magazine

Inventino campaign 2019 SS

Zemse campaign 2019 ss

Cifra design campaign, lookbook 2018 AW

Inventino campaign 2018 AW

Rikov collection

Zemse campaign 2018 AW

Propaganda editorial PólisArt Magazine

Bettina Kiss diploma collection 2018

Zemse campaign 2017 FW

Make design campaign 2017 SS

Béla Eszter diploma collection (Mome)

Zemse campaign 2017 SS

Dark Times editorial THE DAPIFER MAGAZINE

Gábor Kiss Handmade campaign 2017

Márta Bodó lookbook 2017

Ditta lookbook FW

Blondie Blood editorial En Vie magazine

Eosine campaign and capsule collection

Ginkgoside capsule collection 2016 SS

Pankota campaign 2016 SS

Rikov silk collection

Gabriella Wagensommer diploma collection

Kiss Bettina Wedding collection

Béla Eszter CP collection

Ginkgoside campaign 2016 SS

Eosine campaign 2016 SS

Inside Out is edited by WRPD Magazine

Sparkle and Shine like glitter editorial C’est Moi Magazine

Rural Nature editorial Rough UK Magazine

Geometric Shapes editorial Paperonfire Magazine

I’ltaliene editorial ROUGH magazine UK

Fruits Line editorial de Fuze Magazine

Botany lookbook 2015 SS

Réka Molnár diploma collection

She knows lookbook 2015 F/W

Borbála Bíró campaign 2015 F/W

BEAUTIFUL editorial SAVAGE magazine

by Asy campaign 2015 SS

Fabrik Magazine

OBVIOUS Magazine

Solo exhibition, Untitled, Corvinus University

ROUGH UK Magazine

Individual exhibition, Visions, Attention workshop

Rikov for Ditta Lookbook 2015 SS

Carin B. silk collection and campaign SS

Individual exhibition, Pagoda Gallery, Idealized Reality, Budapest

Nord7 lookbook 2014 FW

Interview: Forgeron style

Gajdos Ádam campaign FW

Cintia Krajnák campaign FW

Lis’ Belle Campaign SS

Salt & Vinegar magazine

Phenomenon magazine

Make Design campaign, lookbook FW


XO No.21: The WINTER issue

Desire, group exhibition, Bálna, Budapest

Interview: Fashion Monster Blog

Desire, Desire, group exhibition, Image Gallery, Budapest

The Fashion Hunter editorial

Demko Feder campaign


2013-2015 University of Kaposvár, Faculty of Arts


Instructor: Ágnes Deli

2007-2011 University of Pécs, Faculty of Arts


Instructor: Colin Voster, József Palotás

2004-2006 Building and Decorative Arts School


Instructor: Gabriella Csík

1999-2004 Building and Decorative Arts School