014 másolat
acril, canvas, mixed media, 100cm * 50 cm 2022
Taboo I.
acrylic, synthetic resin, mixed media, 30*30; 2022

The menstrual cycle is a sytem of the female body and just a few woman know about their inner architecture of the body.  It refers to transformation an rebirth and renewal. Little attention was paid to the structure of the female body.

02 másolat
Taboo II.
acrylic, synthetic resin, mixed media, 30*30 cm; 2022

I will be expanding on my existing series that is related to femininity that analyzes its existence. Women's body parts are still associated with shame.

Demon mask
acrylic, synthetic resin, 40x 30 cm, 2022

The demon mask refers to our inner demons, but at the same time I reflect on the current events, the war. The demon mask is a part of my horror series, which reflects on the war and the current events and the feelings experienced by us in the current era.

Post Feminist