Closed around
oil, canvas, 90 * 50 cm, 2017, Copenhagen
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oil, canvas, 70 * 90 cm, 2017, Copenhagen

Body shaming is a social psychological phenomenon. The name body shaming refers to the phenomenon of criticizing different parts of our body, which cause us to feel shame about our body, whether it's about body hair or breasts, for example. There are a lot of stereotypes about the body. Because of body shaming, our self-confidence can deteriorate and we don't feel good in our own skin.

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Skinny shaming
oil, canvas, 80*90cm, 2022

Skinny shaming, like fat shaming, is a destructive phenomenon. With this picture I would like to draw attention to the phenomenon, as body shaming of thin people is not taboo in everyday life. In fact, whatever body shape we have is normal because there are no identical

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oil, canvas. 100 * 80 cm, 2016, Copenhagen
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acril, canvas, 80*100 cm, 2022

This painting deals with the shame we feel towards our bodies, the universal experience of which goes back to the scene in Paradise, in which Adam and Eve leave the Garden of Eden in shame, covering their bodies.

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Oil, canvas, 30 x 50 cm; 2021, Budapest
Oil, canvas, 30 x 50 cm; 2021, Budapest
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Body Shaming
oil, canvas , paper, 30*30cm 2022
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Oil, canvas, 30 x 50 cm; 2021, Budapest
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External wisdom
oil, canvas, 35 * 35 cm, 2016, Copenhagen
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Oil, Canvas 50 * 35, 2015, Copenhagen