Boglár Peruzzi currently lives in Budapest.


In Boglár Peruzzi's works symbols play intricate roles that create a kind of surreal lyricism. In fact, nothing comes into the picture by accident. Behind the creation of her works there is almost always a serious philosophical and conceptual design. She plays with associations and visual metaphors, creating a modern surreal approach. Different media are mixed and occupied by the relationships between space and geometry models; she experiments with resolutions for pictorial rules that create geometric patterns.


Her central theme is often socio-psychological phenomena, idealized roles, the glorification of perfection and questions of human loneliness. They are intertwined, sometimes more and sometimes less emphasized, but they appear in her works. Her most recent works are related to femininity and analyze its essence. She deals a lot with body image issues, such as with the phenomenon of body shaming.



University of Kaposvár, Faculty of Arts


Master: Ágnes Deli

University of Pécs, Faculty of Arts


Masters: Colin Foster

Building and Decorative Arts School


Decorative Painting

Master: Gabriella Csík

Building and Decorative Arts School


Decorative Sculpture

Master: Ernő Kocsis

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