Changing traditions roundtable discussion

Traditions and rituals are important components of cultural identity. Local traditions reflect the values and how these communities and societies see world. All traditions processes, a human response to the effects of the world and the environment. How does this heritage relate to or integrate with today’s life? Do traditions develop or can they develop?

ECHO II is a European cultural cooperation project which aims for participating artists to renew and highlight local traditions through contemporary works, and for local communities to rethink and revive their own traditions within the framework of European cultural heritage.

Four young Hungarian visual artists talk about the contemporary processing of the local cultural heritage of four European countries:

  • Anna Marosi
  • Balázs Kontur
  • Papp Marcella
  • Boglár Peruzzi

Moderator: Gergő Paukovics

The event is free, but registration is required. You can register here:

Due to the capacity of Kelet Kávézó, 40 people can participate in the event. For this reason, we ask you to register only if you can actually come. It is important that participation is subject to a CERTIFICATE OF PROTECTION.

The event is supported by the Creative Europe program of the European Union.